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The company

Palbec is one of the largest pallet recycling company of the province of Quebec.

Since 1994, Palbec is a leader in buying, repairing and selling recycled wooden pallets all over the province.

We carry the world, on pallet at a time.

Collecting and delivering

everywhere in Quebec

Palbec is everywhere and we guarantee the same delivery time no matter the city or region.

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Why choosing Palbec



The extent of our pallet supply network, our dedicated team and our state-of-the-art facilities provide a constant supply of repaired pallets to our clients.

For us, on time deliveries are our priority.



A rigorous quality control process is carried out before each delivery


Pallet sorting


Continuous training of our employees


Quality control before each delivery


Our delivery delays are one of the shortest of the industry.

Our operational excellence in regards to production and transportation ensure that your order will be delivered in the fastest times.



At Palbec, the environment is at the heart of our concerns and our recycled pallets directly contribute to the preservation of our forests.

Each year…

More than 125 000 trees are saved by Palbec


And 3 700 tons less CO2 are rejected in our atmosphere

Join our many customers and suppliers and help save our planet. Several options are available to you and in addition to saving you time and money, you will help reduce your company’s ecological footprint.

Contact us to find out how to get involved in front of a client or supplier.

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